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about us
  • Highly trained technical and fundamental analysts deliver up to the minute market analysis, breaking news and advice on all the major North American markets.

  • Audio alert messages keep you informed on which stocks are breaking out and which stocks are breaking down, while you're working with other applications.

  • Three live web broadcasts daily, covering the latest trends, news and advice.

  • Our "Sector Table" provides a snapshot of current market trends with 40 publications (on average) per day.

  • The "My Stocks" feature lets you follow up to 72 individual stocks and receive audio alert messages when a stock you are following is breaking out or breaking down.

From pre-market to the closing bell examines and reports the latest in market analysis, news and advice to keep you informed of the day's events. Follow individual stocks, market sectors and fundamental news events with confidence, knowing our team of analysts is there to provide you with the market information you need.

Our unique Audio Messaging System permits you to work with other computer applications while still being informed of the latest market events and news. If one of the stocks you are following is breaking out or breaking down, you'll hear the event on our system as it is happening. Our state-of-the-art HD Video Studio streams three live web broadcasts daily with all the latest market news and trends. The Analysis & Advice section provides the detailed information you need on individual companies, including upgrades/downgrades and quarterly earnings reports. In addition to all this, we publish an Analyst's Choice section daily, recommending stocks you may want to consider as well as ones you might want to avoid.

Why spend your time on endless hours of research when we can provide it for you? Let us do the work so that you can make the decisions!